5 thoughts on “Connections?

  1. Brett Kimberlin had Matt Osborne contact me to try and intimidate me immediately after I obtained a Harassment Prevention Order against Bill Schmalfeldt, in part by using the email Brett sent in reply to an email Bill had sent the court (and Brett mistakenly ‘CC’d every one Bill sent it to, so the court received a copy of Brett’s comments). Brett did not like looking like such a fool (in support of a fool), so he sent Mattie after me, in the guise of a “reporter”.

    What Mattie boy didn’t realize is that under my state’s laws and the rules concerning court-issued Harassment Prevention orders (restraining orders in other states) is that contact of the person protected by such orders (me) by known friends and associated of the person (in this case, Bill’s friend Matt) are also considered a violation of the order, and would have subjected Mattie boy to criminal charges if he persisted. I let him know, and told him to go away. Never heard from him again.

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