Something Positive About President Trump

Karol Markowicz has a an item in the NY Post titled How the Trump presidency made me a better American. She writes,

After the election, I was as dazed and confused as anyone in the political-media bubble. To understand what happened, I devoured reporting about Trump voters and sought to understand them.

I wasn’t some liberal, mind you. I had worked for years in Republican politics. Yet I hadn’t known any Trump primary voters. I didn’t know his fans, his base.

Reading their concerns was eye-opening. They weren’t stupid, and they weren’t hateful. Mainstream politicians had ignored them for so long that they took a wild chance on the reality-TV star from Queens.

So another New York newspaper writer didn’t know anyone in flyover country who voted for the wrong candidate. The big difference between Ms. Markowicz in 2016 and Pauline Kael in 1972 is that Ms. Markowicz has tried to learn about those other people. Learning about their concerns and watching how Donald Trump has responded to his constituency has changed her point of view on politics.

To wit, Trump has made me less partisan. I’ve disagreed with plenty of policies of Republican presidents in the past, but I still always felt the need to defend GOP administrations; they were on “my team.”

The beauty, and the curse, of the Trump administration is that the man at the top is on his own team. I can see clearly the good and the bad that his office produces, and there is no need to sugarcoat any of it. Tax cut, good. Tariffs, bad. I can praise the first, criticize the second and stay true to my own beliefs.

His presidency also helped me refine which issues truly matter to me and which only appeared to matter because “my party” happened to be pushing them.

Read the whole thing, all the way to the last paragraph—

There must be a way to move beyond Trump and our culture’s ugliness, which transcends one presidency. Americans can resolve to be better people, instead of racing to the bottom. We won’t always have Trump to blame for our bad behavior. It might be best to start improving it now.

Yeah. It might.

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  1. Some are mocking her and the article, but I’m a bit of an optimist. I see it as feeling out the possibility of normalizing a walk-back from NeverTrumpism.

    The left has shown us just how effective screaming and threatening people into changing their minds is. I don’t mind trying a lighter approach.

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