My Year in Review Stuff

Here are the Dirty Dozen of 2018’s I’m Not Making This Up, You Know posts—

12: Seen on Gab. Russia space agency chief: We’ll verify US moon landings.

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11: Over at Hot Air, Jazz Shaw reports that the National Institutes of Health is spending money to find out if lesbians are using proper birth control.

The 21st century is turning out to be far more confusing than I’d ever imagined.

Read the whole thing.

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10: Why does any firearm or ammunition manufacturer still sell products to the State of California or any of its entities?

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9: In an apparent rush to prove that they have failed to do their due diligence for their client’s case, the lawyers representing Brennan Gilmore in the Gilmore v. Jones, et al. LOLsuit filed this—

They’ve alleged that Lee Stranahan has a Texas Driver’s License and state in footnote 1 that he hasn’t denied having one. Lee is legally blind. He doesn’t have a driver’s license.

Almost every lawyer that I’ve discussed this case with views the behavior of Gilmore’s lawyers, especially their lack of due diligence, as sanctionable.

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8: And now someone is upset about Apu being an “offensive stereotype.”

Umm … well, yes … Apu is an offensive stereotype. So are almost all of the characters on The Simpsons.

Meanwhile, Hank Azaria, the actor who voices Apu, has got woke and has said that it might be time to change the character.

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7: Watt’s Up With That? reports that Los Angeles is spending $40,000 per mile to paint streets white in order to fight global warming.

Two points—

First, tires are abrasive. How long do they think the paint will last?

Two, most highway-grade paint is petrochemical-based. Did they consider the carbon footprint of the project from manufacturing the paint all the way through to application and maintenance?

Oh, one more thing … there are 6,700 miles of roadways in LA. Doing the whole network would cost something north of a quarter-of-a-billion bucks. What if that money were spent on something like schools or housing for the homeless?

UPDATE—The Daily Mail reports that the product being smeared on LA’s streets is CoolSeal. (H/T, Stephen Green). According to the manufacturer’s website, it is a water-based asphalt sealant designed “for lightly trafficked areas,” so it’s not exactly highway-grade. They may need to find something else to use on roads such as Century Boulevard.

UPDATE 2—Won’t this make the white lines between lanes and defining crosswalks hard to see?

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6: Beto O’Rourke is a Texas Democrat running for Senate against Ted Cruz.

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5: Neither Miss Wormwood nor any stuffed tigers were available for comment.

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4: Cher is giving Sarah Sanders advice on how to dress. Monica Showalter offers some insightful comments over at American Thinker.

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3: After the great success of Tide Pods, Proctor & Gamble plans to bring the Tide-Eco-Box to market in January. The liquid detergent comes in a sealed bag with a twist spout—just like boxed wine.

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2: The Guardian has a story up about a second memo that the FBI is allegedly evaluating that supposedly confirms some of the infamous Steele dossier of opposition research about Donald Trump paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The source of the memo is said to be Cody Shearer. That’s the same Cody Shearer who promoted Brett Kimberlin’s false claim to have been Dan Quayle’s dope dealer.


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And 1: This had to happen sooner or later—

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Stay tuned for 2019.

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