Not Quite Up To Date

My favorite SJW has offered these suggestions for New Year’s resolutions—One of her goals has already been effectively met, and excellent pseudoscientific progress has been made toward another.

Males who self-identify has women are already being allowed to play as women in several sports. It doesn’t take much google-fu to discover news stories of a state wrestling championship for high school girls being won by a biological male or of a 6-foot-3 biological male injuring a woman on a playing field. One of those resolutions is in the bag as a victory for the wusses who couldn’t cut it in The Patriarchy.

And pseudoscience in riding to the rescue of the gender gap in pregnancy, at least in UK, where school children will now be taught that boys can have periods. There’s a long way to go, but that’s a start.

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  2. And these are the people that complain Republicans want to meddle in your personal life too much. (Which is also true, but the irony, … oh the irony!)

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