Another Statue Bites the Dust

The Guardian reports that a statue of Mohandas K. Gandhi has disappeared from the campus of the University of Ghana. (H/T, @TitaniaMcGrath)

A Mahatma Gandhi statue has been removed from the campus of the University of Ghana after protests from students and faculty who argue the Indian independence leader considered Africans “inferior”.

The statue was unveiled at the university in the Ghanian capital Accra two years ago but has been the subject of controversy and was removed in the middle of the night on Tuesday, leaving just an empty plinth.

Scholars have highlighted evidence in past years showing the revered freedom-fighter, whose theories of civil resistance helped India throw off British colonialism and inspired generations of activists including Martin Luther King Jr, held derogatory views towards native communities in South Africa.

Perhaps all of humanity’s ancestors were racists, and we should simply dispose of all of our memorials to them and their past achievements.

1 thought on “Another Statue Bites the Dust

  1. I for one am shocked that the current round of iconoclasm has resulted in the wrong statues being torn down. Who could have possible predicted it?

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