TDS and Wishful Thinking

Now that sentencing memos for Flynn and Cohen are floating around in public, the Left and the press, but I repeat myself, are having a good time explaining how those memos show that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has the evidence to take down President Trump. One of the sanest summaries I’ve read was by Max Bergman and Sam Berger at The Daily Beast. As much as I dislike Donald Trump and wish a different person were President, I find the evidence of collusion presented thus far to be sketchy. Most of it doesn’t even qualify as circumstantial. A good deal of it doesn’t past the laugh test. I mean, who would think that Putin would accept a penthouse in a Trump building when he already has equal or better housing with much better security?

It may be that there is some there there, but those memos don’t make a good case for it.

We’ll have to wait and see.

3 thoughts on “TDS and Wishful Thinking

  1. There’s better evidence of the campaign finance violation, but even that is small potatoes and easily defended. If John Edwards didn’t break the law then neither did Trump. Further complicating any prosecution is that Trump spent his own money, Edwards had donors keep his baby mama under wraps.

    Mueller is going to sing a very long song about sins, but he’s not going to prosecute any Trump crimes.

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