1 thought on “George H. W. Bush, R. I. P.

  1. No, George Herbert Walker Bush was not a “point of light.” We live in a world in which our politics is cruder, crasser, and more Machiavellian due to his actions. Americans are suppose to be a self-governing people. A preference among candidates is how we express our political will. When a candidate not merely makes a promise, but, claims it is the central focal point of his campaign, and casually takes the opposite course when elected then elections are reduced to the mere selection of a man.

    When Bill Clinton stood for President it was revealed that he was serial philander in a particularly crass and vulgar way. Bill Clinton was able to survive that scandal because his opponent was George Herbert Walker Bush. Clinton was able to argue successfully, “What is more important in a candidate, his fidelity to his wife, or his fidelity to campaign promises?” It was a devastating retort.

    Later, it was discovered that Clinton’s campaign promises of being a chastened man who had made a heartfelt commitment to “never cause pain in my marriage was an empty promise. He kept pursuing women during the campaign, and, as we all know now, the White House.

    In two successive Presidential campaigns were reduced to first a choice between men, and, then a choice of two names that were not of actual people but whatever image would sell, That is first part of his legacy.

    The second legacy was one failure. He failed as a candidate for Senate, twice. He was CIA chief in a era that saw Communism on the ascent. As Republican party chairman he oversaw on of the greatest Republican drubbing in American History.

    He parlayed that legacy of failure to a failed Presidential run.

    Ronald Reagan gave him the opportunity to Vice President, which he parlayed into a 17-point deficit to Michael Dukakis before Dukakis self-destructed. As President, he parlayed a 90 point approval rating for winning a war into a 38% reelection tally. The Democrats ended up with the Presidency, Senate and House, and, Republicans received David Souter.

    Not chastened by his repeated failing he decided to turn his personal legacy of failure in family dynasty of failure by using his connections to give two his boys apparently worthless nominations for governor. It turned out to be a massive Republican wave election, but, in a year in which Republican candidates beat an entrenched Democratic governor in New York state, his oldest boy was unable in win in the much more Republican-friendly Florida. So, he set out to gift the Republican nomination for President to the younger boy who failed in turn utterly leaving the Democrats with the Presidency, the House, and a filibuster-proof Senate.

    Obamacare, that is GHWB’s legacy.

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