2 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. Seems like they should already be sitting on evidence of the moon landing. There were a few people in amateur radio who picked up the broadcasts from the moon flight. There is zero chance that among the people listening, the Soviets had no one, if for no other reason than the PR possibility if the entire thing just exploded, got stuck, or otherwise failed.

    • edit: the reason it would be evidence is that there weren’t that many watts of power free to use on the trip, so to really listen, your antenna needed to be directional. Thus, you’d hear stuff if you pointed at the flight path. Not so much otherwise. Faking that would at the least mean we launched a repeater capable of at least orbiting the moon. There are no other technically achievable means of faking it that wouldn’t be more complicated than a moon landing. At which point, most of the technical difficulty of landing a person on the moon would have also been achieved. So why would they fake it? QED

      Plus, the general, a conspiracy theory involving thousands of people is almost impossible to pull off. Perhaps the military. But the government officials? People in mass media? Come on.

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