Kamala Harris, ICE, and the Klan

During a hearing about confirmation of a new Director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Kamala Harris suggested equivalence between ICE and the Ku Klux Klan. Recent data shows that over half of all ICE agents are Hispanic/Latino, and I doubt that 51% of the members of the Klan have ever been black. There doesn’t appear to be much equivalence there. OTOH, given that a recent lawsuit implied that Allen West is a white supremacist, such patently silly claims do seem to resonate with the Democrats’ political base, and Harris does seem to be running for the party’s 2020 nomination.

7 thoughts on “Kamala Harris, ICE, and the Klan

  1. Hey, according to #ThomasMix I’m a criminal White Supremacist….I’m guessing as someone who is Hispanic with Taino Indian ancestry I wouldn’t be allowed to be a White Supremacist. But when have facts mattered?

  2. ICE doesn’t especially care about Hispanics, they are oriented toward people and items that have come into our country in a fashion that is not legal. Which is to say, if you’re British, German, Indian (in the India sense) or Japanese and you’ve overstayed your visa or entered through some unlawful route, ICE is interested in you. Likewise, if you’re a citizen, both your parents are Hispanic and you work at a Mexican restaurant, ICE doesn’t care about you at all.

    ICE Isn’t remotely anything like the KKK. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, has a really difficult time seeing past the color of people’s skin.

      • Democrats and socialists (but I repeat myself) only have something to offer if you’re having a hard time. Thus most of their efforts go to figuring out what troubles you. Then they try to solve it. Because they ignore incentive, they inevitably make things worse.

  3. Harris is not stupid, I think (not that’s she’s more than average intelligent), but she came up through a system and her rise was greased by Willie Brown. She probably can’t conceive of acting any way other than the one she currently uses. Much like Hillary Clinton, because her path was smoothed by the system and others, she wears her sociopathy on her sleeve, expecting no one really cares.

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