Let’s Make a Deal

F. H. Buckley has a post at the NY Post on how President Trump and the incoming Democrat-led House could work together for their mutual benefit. He points out that the last two Democrats in the White House faced Republican-led Houses. Clinton worked cooperatively and got results such as welfare reform. Obama didn’t and got gridlock.

Those are deals to be made, and the question is whether Democrats in Congress will go along. If they do, they’ll give voters a reason to re-elect both them and Trump in 2020.

If they don’t — if they, say, rush to impeach instead — they’ll prove that they’re not to be taken seriously and will give voters a reason to re-elect Trump in 2020. For Trump, it’s win-win.

I’m betting on gridlock—with comic relief from the likes of She Guevara.

Fasten your seat belts.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Deal

  1. Yep, just when you thought US politics couldn’t get more entertaining, this happens! House Dems will be busy proclaiming “We’re stopping Trump!!!!” and pushing for subpoenas on this and that while skirting the impeach word hoping to find some real evidence of something naughty by Trump that they will forget to do anything of any substance for the country. I don’t think voters will be amused in 2020.

  2. Gridlock does seem likely. Sadly.

    I’m not sure about that second bit. I seem to remember that co-operative congress spending a lot of time threatening to repeal Obamacare.

    It’s one thing to approve of or to disapprove of their actions.. but it’s another thing to pretend they didn’t exist.

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