Coming Attractions

So the Democrats say that they’ll be using their new control of House committees to do some investigating. We’ll see how that works out. Meanwhile, Conrad Black makes this observation over at the National Post

Now that the president has fired the attorney general and can confirm a replacement who is not emasculated on Russian matters, the administration can proceed to the indictment of all leading members of the Clinton campaign and the Obama justice department who appear to have incriminated themselves by lying to Congress or the FISA Court, including Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and agency heads John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey. This may happen anyway, but it certainly will if the Waters-Nadler-Schiff faction is unleashed. Trump has been put to extreme inconvenience by these spurious investigations and he can, if he wishes, exact a terrible vengeance. His moderation should not be presumed.

I’d better buy some more popcorn futures.

15 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. “His moderation should not be presumed.”

    I never presume that Mr MAGA will be moderate. I hope and pray he goes for the throat.

    These loathsome lawbreakers have been getting away with it because the MSM loves them and because they are Democrats. This has got to end, and they should pay for their crimes.

  2. At the end, Russiagate properly investigated will show DOJ/FBI were illegally pointed at the Trump campaign and that Loretta Lynch was complicit because she knew what was going on and enabled the others. My guess is the whole think was Strozks idea. Big problem is that Obama likely knew what was going on even if he didn’t have all the details. So, in a sense, this thing goes all the way to the top. Comey enabled but I don’t know if that’s enough to put him in jail.

    The horror of Russiagate is that just like Lois Lerner’s IRS the full might of the Federal Government was used to target private citizens. Even if they were in a opposing political campaign.

    Fast and Furious was covered up but if uncovered that puts Eric Holder and others in jail.

    Hillary violated black letter law. Lock her up. Except she was adjudged by the FBI and given a pass. Don’t know if that ‘Get out of jail’ card is still good or not.

    My problem with all this is that I do NOT like seeing a succeeding administration pursuing their predecessors. That’s banana republic stuff. And will never end. There WERE those on the left who wanted the Obama administration to charge George W. Bush and cabinet with war crimes. Glad they didn’t. Would have been a horrible precedent.

    And that’s why I don’t want to see Holder/Lynch/Clinton/Obama tried. I don’t want election winners turning around and throwing election losers in to investigations and courts. That ruins peoples lives. And will make quickly apparent that politics is a game you can’t ever lose at. That way lies the ruin of the country.

    Let them all go.

    • This puts me in mind of a Vince Flynn novel, “Act of Treason.” Summing up the plot with minimal spoilers, after an assassination attempt on a trailing candidate for President gets that candidate elected on a wave of sympathy, Our Hero hunts down the perpetrators. Eventually the trail leads back to America where, “for the good of the country,” no one winds up getting prosecuted.

      But the CIA kills them deader’n’shit.

      Your basic happy ending.

      • I’ve read several Flynn books but have not read “Act of Treason.” I’ll get to it.

        But you nailed my sentiment exactly with “for the good of the country.” That’s why I say ‘Let them go.’

        I’m not sanguine, however, on the CIA dealing out justice. They are third on my list of departments to burn to the ground. After ATFE and FBI. Scratch that. Abolish and disband ATFE; they have no legitimate function. Fire the top 4 levels in the FBI and CIA. Abolish the Department of Education. There. Those are the departments I want reformed. First.

        When I say ‘burn to the ground’ I mean, at minimum, firing/retiring the top 4 levels of management in each organization.

    • I can agree with the sentiment of not wanting endless prosecutions pointed at (insert politicaian here.)

      A second thing that comes to mind is if the DoJ is a puppet organization not interested in truth and factual investigation, dedicated to political smear jobs and witchhunts, it’s ridiculous to expect that any such investigation of democrats would be anything but a smear job and a witchhunt. Those aren’t okay regardless of who they’re pointed at.

  3. It must be nice to be able to appoint people above those investigating yourself.

    Corruption of the highest order.. if done by a democrat. Perfectly okay, if done by the one you support.

    • Your comment assumes that this was done strictly to derail the Russian probe. If you have proof of this lay it out. Otherwise you are just rumor mongering.

      • It’s not particularly hard to find Trump tweeting about how Jeff Sessions should end the witch hunt against him. Here’s one.

        It’s also impossible to prove anyone’s motivation.

        I don’t mind if Democrats are investigated for wrongdoing. I don’t want to see it forgotten that they’re the ones who were hacked by foreign powers in an attempt to influence the election.

          • I’m going by the word of the FBI here. They’re the ones who examined the relevant computers and that was their conclusion.

            At the end, what else is there? I can listen to endless commentators who are sure their interpretation of events it he correct one, or I can listen to the people who actually looked at the things.

      • I’m sorry for the hostile tone, it wasn’t necessary.

        I would like to say, though, that I don’t know if there was collusion from Trump. Partly because the investigation isn’t over yet, and partly because I don’t see there was any compelling reason for the Russians to need assistance from Trump.

    • 1. Despite your team’s fervent wishes, Trump is not a subject of the Mueller investigation.

      2. If you don’t like the powers granted to the executive by the Constitution, that’s just too damn bad, ain’t it?

      3. Not even a smidgeon of corruption.

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