Democrats Win Control Of The House As #MeToo Loses

She Guevara will be going to the House of Representatives to provide comic relief, and as of 6:30 am ET, the Democrats have flipped at least one more seat than they need to take control of the House. They’ll use the coming two years of divided government to be as disruptive as possible.

Meanwhile, the #MeToo movement has suffered two serious setbacks.

First, as Jim Geraghty put it, “Once again, Keith Ellison beat someone.” Over a million Democrats voted for him to be the Attorney General of Minnesota, refusing to believe a woman whose claims of abuse were backed up by evidence.

Second, as of 6:30 am ET, the only Democrat senator who faced a serious challenge to reelection and who has won was Manchin—who was the only one who voted for the Kavanaugh nomination. Donnelly, Heitkamp, McCaskill, and Nelson have bitten the dust in Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri, and Florida, and Tester is behind in Montana. Political movements that can’t deliver votes have little clout. Those that are a liability on election day have none.

5 thoughts on “Democrats Win Control Of The House As #MeToo Loses

  1. I do have to wonder if you would have called the 112th congress disruptive for it’s adamant opposition to Obama.

    Congress has been suprisingly useless since then, first because of opposition to the then-president, and in the two years under Trump for less obvious reasons.

    IOW, unless they spend their time calling for impeachment, I don’t think they could be more disruptive than the previous congress. More usless remains to be seen.

      • You could blame it for some of the expansion in executive and judicial power. If Congress is effectively incapable of passing legislation due to partisan zeal, the resulting vacuum is naturally going to lead to the other branches taking liberties, for one reason or another.

        • Serious question, how many of Obama’s EOs where when the Democrats still held the House and Senate?

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