The Brokeness of Wokeness

Damian Reilly has a post over at Spectator|USA about woke entertainers and businesses experiencing difficulties in the marketplace. Katy Perry has had an album with disappointing sales. Nike’s stock is down below its pre-Kaepernick price. Teen Vogue has lost half its viewers, and CNN’s ratings have sunk below Nickelodeon’s. Reilly takes note of some comments by Bill Maher that seem to indicate that Progressives (who began a grieving process with the election of Donald Trump) may now be entering the fifth stage of grief characterized by feelings of guilt.

If I’m right and liberal America – having worked through shock, denial, anger and bargaining – really is now at the fifth stage of grief, then the good news is the remaining two stages aren’t so bad: depression and then acceptance.

For celebrities and companies, the trick will be to avoid the ‘get woke, go broke’ trap and to arrive at acceptance with life savings and brand intact. The market doesn’t lie: political correctness is a dead ideology. It’s time to get over it.

Reality keeps getting in the way of ideology.

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