9 thoughts on “Gab Finds a New Domain Registrar

  1. I do find it difficult to read about inalienable rights when the President is threatening to erect camps to detain millions of people.

    • what “threats” are you speaking of?
      to what “millions of people” do you refer?
      where are these “camps to detain” supposedly located?

      how about a credible link to support what you have claimed? got one??
      and i dont mean some bullshit talking head interpreting what was actually said to mean what they want it to…

      I’ll not hold my breath waiting.

    • There is more “hate speech” on Twitter and FB than ever on Gab.
      And there is more stupidity in that one post than in any 5 minute segment of “The View” in the past 10 years.
      What a moron!!!

  2. That said, I agree wholeheartedly with the wishes. I hope they have a platform to express themselves on.. but I hope they learn that rights need to be extended to your enemies as well as your friends for them to mean anything.

    • Actually, that’s the lesson Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc need to learn. Gab hasn’t censored anyone who isn’t threatening people.

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