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I suspect one of the reasons that Bill Schmalfeldt has seen a great deal of turnover in his attempts at a career in journalism is his willingness to avoid the facts if they get in the way of his narrative du jour. The Prevarication Du Jour that originally ran five years ago today shows how he refused to cite any factual evidence to support a story he published that alleged that I had pocketed the money donated to the fund set up to pay for Tetyana Kimberlin’s legal counsel when she was estranged from her husband and seeking custody of her children.

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WMS20131031157ZBill Schmalfeldt has, of course, guessed wrong. He is making an assertion without offering any evidence. It is not my obligation to disprove his fantasy. He said that I committed a particular act with no evidence to support his story. He is on the hook to prove he isn’t lying.

He can’t. But let’s pretend for a moment that he can. OK, for every unrefunded donation to Tetyana’s Fund (other than mine) that Schmalfeldt can prove, I will refund that donation and match it ten-for-one with a donation to the National Parkinson Foundation.

It’s time for the Cabin Boy to put up or shut up.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy says that he will stick by his story.WMS201311032001ZFine. He may do so, but the Gentle Reader is also free to take notice of the fact that he offers no evidence to support his story.

So I will leave it at this. Bill Schmalfeldt, who has a long history of making unsupported false accusations, has made another accusation completely unsupported by any evidence. I, on the other hand, have published what I can without breaching the confidentiality promised to donors. People will believe what they will.

I seriously doubt that any responsible person who honestly weighs the evidence will believe a proven liar like Bill Schmalfeldt.

UPDATE 2—I’ve decided that Stacy McCain and Ken White are right. The Cabin Boy is a deranged cyberstalker and a demented freak.

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Yeah, McCain and White don’t agree on much, but they both agree on Bill Schmalfeldt, even if they phrase their descriptions differently.

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