On Bullies

There were three attempts to physically bully me when I was a kid. None were successful because I responded by beating up the bullies. That kind of response is always considered unfair by a bully and his supporter/enablers, but it works. It seems to me that President Trump is using a similar approach to dealing with politically correct attacks, and Keith Koffler has a piece over at the Washington Examiner that examines Trump’s tactics.

With the midterm elections less than a week away, a handy, reliable, and vicious ally of Democrats has reared its head and is taking no prisoners. It seeks to roll through the opposition, ending debate before it can even begin and stigmatizing Republicans for even trying to make an argument.

Trump glories in controversy and criticism. It gives him some kind of peculiar satisfaction and plenty of publicity. Few conservatives can be Trump. But they should applaud and follow him as he disarms their enemies of one of their most fearsome weapons.

Read the whole thing.

I should note that one difference that I hope exists between Donald Trump and me is that I hit bullies back whereas he often strikes a likely bully preemptively.

UPDATE—Meanwhile, WaPo reports Tree of Life rabbi says he saw a ‘warm and personal side’ to Trump that surprised him.

10 thoughts on “On Bullies

  1. I honestly think that working in New York real estate gave him a keen understanding of politics and politicians AND bullies. And how to handle them. He sees them coming a mile away and gives them a preemptive shot.

  2. Three of Donald Trump’s defining characteristics are that 1) he doesn’t throw the first punch; 2) he responds to attacks, even minor ones, quickly; and 3) he responds vigorously even is not proportionate. To state he “often” strikes out preemptively is simply not true. Nor, can it even be tested. Inasmuch as his critics nearly universally portray him as mentally ill, treasonous, dictatorial, racist, and sexually predatorial, I would ask who is there even for him to strike preemptively against?

    The cited author fails horribly at pop psychology by claiming, “Trump glories in controversy and criticism.” Anyone who watches his rallies knows this isn’t true. What is true about Trump’s character is that he is determined to do what he believes is best for the country knowing full well that it will be meet with criticism, and, that the media is apt to paint his efforts as controversial. That is simply the price someone on the right must pay to accomplish something.

    Instead of engaging in bullshit psychology and dramatics wouldn’t it be nice if pundits on the right instead would focus on the lesson that Donald Trump is teaching us: one takes on the Left “head on?”

  3. I have colleagues who, despite being Political Scientists, still seem not to get Trump and why he won. They seem to believe if they keep “yelling” (well, they don’t really yell) about how awful Trump is and how much more awful his latest offense is the dumb rubes will finally awaken to the Truth and stop supporting him.
    Also they of course can’t see that any Democrat ever says or does anything offensive. I don’t know how all this will end, but I’m guessing I won’t like it much.

  4. ..It’s also questionable how you can actually hit a bully pre-emptively. Aren’t the bullies the people who hit first?

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