8 thoughts on “Where’s the Kaboom?

  1. Maybe this is just “some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it.”

    Enlighten us, Mrs. Pelosi!

  2. Ah, Mr. Hoge, there are some who are lacking in the brains department who claim that there were bombings.

    • Gee, I wonder if a couple of grifters voted in Iowa and plan to vote again in SC? It is our civic duty to report potential voter fraud.

    • Me too. Given that these “bombs” have just about every warning sign that the government lists as a way to spot suspicious packages, making it almost 100% certain that they would be detected, it looks more and more like a prank, or a very poor false flag operation.

  3. Heck, even Brett Kimberlin, aka The Speedway Bomber had more effective bombs, resulting in the death of Carl Delong, who happened upon a bomb Brett Kimberlin had left in a duffel bag at a high school football game.

    Oddly enough, if it weren’t for his brass knuckles-based reputation management style, I would never have heard of the murderer, purjeror, and likely pedophile Brett Coleman Kimberlin, aka The Speedway Bomber.

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