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Matt Osborne (aka Bunny Boy, 57F Osborne) has spent a good deal of his time as a member of Team Kimberlin trying to sell various lies in support of Brett Kimberlin’s false narratives. After Kimberlin contacted Stacy McCain’s wife’s employer (a private boarding school) in 2012, Stacy felt is was necessary to move his family to a new, confidential location for their safety and the school’s. (The Gentle Reader should remember that this was during the period when Mike Stack, Patrick Frey, Erick Erickson, and Aaron Walker were SWATted.) Stacy asked for help with moving expenses, and many of his readers hit his tip jar. Team Kimberlin tried to spin that request for moving help as a scam, claiming that the McCain family had never moved. Even a year later, Bunny Boy was still trying to peddle that story. I pointed out his lie in this Prevarication Du Jour that ran five years ago today.

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Matt Osborne is still trying to peddle the lie that Stacy McCain lives on a private school compound in Hagerstown, Maryland. This is from a post over at his Osborne Ink site (No, I won’t link to it.).OsborneInk 20131024I have been to Stacy McCain’s house. It is not in Maryland. Period.

Stacy really did move his family from Hagerstown almost a year-and-a-half ago. I was one of the people who contributed money to help with the move. Neither I nor any of the other donors who hit his tip jar to help with the move was defrauded, the bogus scenario spun by Team Kimberlin not withstanding.


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The place Stacy initially found was really too small for his family, so he has since moved on to another undisclosed location.

BTW, the fact that The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin was never able to serve court papers on Stacy at his old address should have been a clue that he had moved. Also, TDPK’s continued insistence that Stacy lived in Maryland was one of the reason his RICO Madness LOLsuit was dismissed. This is from Judge Hazel’s Order dismissing the case–

Nothing proceeds as Team Kimberlin hallucinates.

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