Still More TERF Wars Stuff

The New York Times has an opinion piece up titled Trump Cannot Define Away My Existence. As  Daniel Patrick Moynihan once noted, a person is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. Using someone’s actual genetic sex to determine his (XY) or her (XX) “gender” instead of using some imaginary “gender” the person wishes were true does not erase that person’s existence. However, it does sort them in an objective manner into categories such as which restroom to use.

Meanwhile, there’s a piece over at The Federalist taking note of the fact that the law the Obama Administration used to allow people to select their own gender for Federal government purposes bans discrimination on the basis of sex. Sex is something that is biologically determined, so it would seem that the current administration is correct in returning government regulations and procedures to a scientific basis.

The changes are to take place under Title IX section of a 1972 law that bars sex-based discrimination in federally funded education institutions, but could have far broader implications, in areas such as single sex settings and set aside programs.

Progressives are predictably outraged by the fact that the Trump administration will no longer allow pseudoscience to define the words “man” and “woman,” but this is a common-sense move that will help the government better protect women’s rights and avoid the confusion of trying to regulate the myriad genders that have been invented in the past several years.

It is important to understand that this change will in no way affect how trans people or anybody else choose to label themselves. Rather, it will allow the government to have an objective standard when implementing federal programs. Without such a standard, a haphazard set of rules exists as to who qualifies for legal protections under Title IX.

The Truth isn’t bigoted.

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