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Over at The Atlantic, there’s a piece pooh-poohing the Trump Administration’s consideration of a rule that would require government agencies to consider an individual’s “gender” to be determined by the genitalia the person had at birth—with an allowance for the use of genetic evidence to deal with persons who might be anomalous (such as being XXY).

The agency proposes to define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.” Which would indeed be ideal at a bureaucratic level.

<sarc>However, such a use of science is clearly impermissible when it gets in the way of the goals of the Party of Science.</sarc> Indeed, certain scientific research relating to persons’ wishes to self-identify with imaginary genders not congruent with their sex is now under political attack, as Julian Vigo notes in a post over at Quillette. The culture-war skirmish over transgenderism is usually handled as a debate about culture or sociology, but really a debate about the primacy of the scientific method—since many of the trans activists’ shibboleths are either scientifically dubious or obviously wrong. Failure to fall in line and be politically correct will get one labeled as a TERF, a trans exclusive radical feminist.

One of the dark ironies informing the trans extremists’ case against their opponents is the insistence that people like me—women—must call themselves cis women. For all their fixation on self-identification and self-selected pronouns, these same activists demand the right to apply made-up terms to others. And if you reject those terms? Well, that’s just taken as more proof that you’re a “TERF.”

Science deals with the Universe as it is, not as we wish it were.

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4 thoughts on “More TERF Wars Stuff

  1. This whole trans thing, as it is presently playing out in our cultural wars, will one day be in a chapter of an updated edition of Charles Mackay’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”

  2. Words have a gender. People have a sex. Those who capitulate on this simple linguistic fact are facilitating the eventual victory of those they nominally oppose.

  3. Science deals with the Universe as it is not as we wish it were.>>

    not even wishful thinking… they deal with the universe as they think it is…
    the universe used to be (only)the milky way/flat/timeless/etc
    the continents couldn’t move/mountains spontaneously arose from the oceans

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