Unintended Victims

Women who were listed without their permission as victims of domestic abuse in a political ad by Senator Heitkamp have said that they are looking for a lawyer. Good. That sort of irresponsible behavior isn’t protected by the First Amendment, and someone publishing such a statement should be held accountable. Heitkamp should be on the hook for invasion of privacy against anyone who didn’t consent to be publicly named and for libel in cases where the women weren’t victims of domestic violence at all. Indeed, the husbands of the non-victim women might also have grounds to sue for defamation because of being falsely painted as abusers.

A politician’s false narrative may have created some unintended victims.

4 thoughts on “Unintended Victims

  1. Are you sure the victims were unintended? Democrats used to think they can get away with this stuff but the situation has changed. The MSM can’t fool all the people or even most of the people if we just keep getting our message out!

  2. She was a very dubious winner with much maneuvering on Indian reservations and her run to the right campaign 6 years ago.

  3. Let’s not forget the domestic violence victims that just had their whereabouts revealed to their ex-partners.

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