And In Other Lawfare News …

Stormy Daniels has lost her defamation case against Donald Trump. A federal judge dismissed the suit on First Amendment grounds and awarded the President his attorneys’s fees. WaPo had more details here.

UPDATE—Here’s the court’s order.


6 thoughts on “And In Other Lawfare News …

  1. Even though the court is allowing it, Trump would be an idiot to go for attorney’s fees. The press would crucify him.

    • Because the case was governed under Texas law (Daniels’ home state), the Texas Anti-SLAPP law may require fees be awarded—even if that’s only a nominal dollar.

  2. This isn’t a very surpising result. The first amendment advocate Ken White predicted this shortly after filing.

    Do remember, though, that this ruling isn’t directly related to the hush money agreement that kicked this off.

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