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This post is up at Brett Kimberlin’s protectourelections dot org—Protect our elections?

Ummm … that’s about elections in Ukraine.

The Dread Deadbeat Protestor Kimberlin has renamed the 501(c)(4) not-for-profit VelvetRevolutionUS as “Protect Our Elections/EMPR, Inc.,” and empr dot media is a PR website promoting Ukraine’s interests. Perhaps this tells us exactly whose elections Brett Kimberlin views as “ours.”


6 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Well, it reads better than

    “Pro-Se Pipsqueak seeks to thwart Ukraine age-of-consent laws.”

    • The Ukrainian Orthodox Church was granted autocephaly by the Ecumenical Patriarch on Monday by a vote in the synod at the Phanarr in Istanbul and assent by the Patriarch . Just as in Russia. In the Ukraine the government does nothing without the consent of the Church. Brett is known to the Church and is not on the “good boy” list, rather, he is classed as a dangerous communist bomber.

  2. I’m mostly astounded at how that is the current talking point for any site about U.S. politics. Really? You can’t find anything more currently relevant than that? Even if you limit it to only anti-Democratic stuff related to electoral influences, you could talk about South Dakotan I.D. laws.

    I think the most likely thing is just that someone’s paying him a few bucks to write for them. A stupid someone, but stupidity isn’t rare.

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