White Progressivism’s Problem

The Kavanaugh brouhaha has shone a spotlight on the core problem of white progressives. Their politics are too leftwing for most whites but don’t address the concerns of non-whites. The Democrats weren’t able to prevent one of their senators from supporting the Kavanaugh nomination because he had to face mostly white Real World voters this November. Daniel McCathy writes over at Spectator|USA

The Democrats had only one defection in the Kavanaugh vote, as it happens, but it was enough to avoid what would otherwise have been a 49-49 tie: Joe Manchin, up for re-election this year in the reddest state with a Democratic senator. Liberals swore retribution — supporting Kavanaugh might just have cost him the vote of every single New Yorker subscriber in West Virginia.

McCarthy also notes the lack of minority faces among the protestors during the senate vote last Saturday.

The protests liberals whipped up against Kavanaugh this weekend, on the other hand, revealed too much about their own weakness. Washington, D.C. is a majority Democratic city with a black majority. But the Democratic voters out there yelling about Kavanaugh were as white as any country club gathering of Republicans. They looked like a line of Starbucks patrons — Caucasian, professional, largely millennial, with earth tones and earnest expressions aplenty. Men and women wore the same fashionable glasses and more or less the same clothes. It was a Pumpkin Spice Riot.

Where were the black Democrats? Where were the non-yuppies?

The answers to those questions on 7 November this year will go a long way to explaining the next couple of years.

UPDATE—Stephen Green writes that the Democrats are working to “lock down the Trigglypuff vote.” Heh.

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