Four Weeks to Go

There are some things about which I have a clear vision of the future, but the outcome of the November election isn’t one one of them. I have no idea of which party will wind up controlling either the Senate or the House of Representatives. If had to bet, I’d go with the Republicans hanging on in the Senate, but that’s almost an even money bet.

What I do foreseen is a rather nasty four weeks ahead. The Kavanaugh brouhaha has spun up both parties, and turnout will be critical. Donations are up on both sides.

What will be the Democrats’ end game? Will they triple down on the strategy they tried while opposing the Kavanaugh nomination? That brought out a crowd of protestors one observer described as looking like white millennial Starbucks customers. What effect would that stategy have on more traditional Democrats such as the minority (black and Hispanic) voters who helped defeat the gay marriage ballot initiative in California (Prop 8)?

What about the Republicans? Will they spend too much time celebrating and not enough time doing the hard work of getting their voters to the poles? After the Kavanaugh hearings, they wound up looking like the adults in the room. They’ve historically been tagged as the stupid party, but they look like the sane party for now. Will they find a way to blow that perception with undecided voters between now and the election?

Fasten your seat belts and stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Four Weeks to Go

  1. We should never underestimate the GOPe’s determination to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. I’m going to be really disappointed if there’s not a lot of GOP ads that basically run video of ‘protesters’and Antifa. You might not even need words or voiceover except “Vote Republican” (or maybe the GOP candidate’s name.)

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