BK v. BK

Brett Kimberlin never seems to be able to pass up an opportunity to attract eyeballs to one of his online DONATE buttons. This wanted poster appeared at the protectourelections dot org website on the day after the final Ford and Kavanaugh hearing.

Given that the last IRS Form 990 for VelvetRevolutionUS, the 501(c)4 not-for-profit that has been renamed “Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc.,” shows that the entity has essentially no assets, it’s a puzzlement where that $100k would come from if this offer were honest.

4 thoughts on “BK v. BK

  1. Scamer’s gotta scam it is Brett Kimberlin’s job to scam people out of there money. GD convicted con-man.

  2. Many golf outings designate a par-3 hole where, for a fee, a participant can win a car or some other valuable prize for a hole-in-one.

    Usually, there is no winner, because holes-in-one are rare indeed. For this reason, organizers purchase insurance policies, so that the risk is transferred and the funds raised go to the intended recipients rather than a car dealership

    A $500 policy to insure the possible purchase of a $40,000 car that only pays of once in 200 outings?

    The only loser is the guy who aces the hole and has to come up with the sales tax.

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