The Lesser of Two Weasels

I don’t agree with Larry Hogan on several issues that are important to me (i.e., Second Amendment rights), but the alternative is Ben Jealous, a politician with whom I have essentially no common ground. While the choice may not be as bad as Trump v. Hillary, it still stinks.

Once again, I’m faced with Jerry Garcia’s Dilemma (“Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”), but I’ll vote for Hogan for governor.

6 thoughts on “The Lesser of Two Weasels

  1. Is this an example of Hobson’s choice? Why can’t the Republicans find legitimate candidates who support the base? (Rhetorical. The people who would do a good job don’t want to put themselves through the trauma of running for office. They’ve got better things to do. That’s why we get so many millionaires running for office: they have the money and time.)

  2. A Republican candidate for statewide office who appeals to the party’s base would receive at most 30 % of the vote. Overall registration heavily favors the Democrats, so any successful Republican candidate has to appeal to the saner members fo the opposite party.

  3. We do get one every ten to twenty years, last time was Dan Bongino. This is a deep blue state and Maryland legislators will go out of their way to keep it so. Western Maryland was one of the last true Republican area. To help relieve themselves of that pesky problem, our noble legislators dabbled in a little gerrymandering and redistrict Western Maryland. We’re now combined with Montgomery County (just outside D,C,), which happens to be one of the most liberal county. Now, even if everyone in Western Maryland voted for a republican we would still lose to the more populated and liberal county.

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