There Are Differences

Why are the so many more men than women in jail? Why are there so many more women in nursing and men in engineering? The answer is that while both men and women are the same in terms of intelligence and other mental traits on average, the standard deviations are not the same for both sexes for all traits. Thus, because the standard deviation for agreeableness is narrower for men, it is likely that at the extremes of the population more men will be disagreeable and wind up as criminals or will be more interested in things than people and wind up as engineers. A similar difference in the standard deviations for general intelligence means that men make up the majority of morons and the majority of geniuses.

Stacy McCain has a post up about the censorship of a politically incorrect presentation made by a scientist from CERN who took notice of the relative lack of women in the field of nuclear physics.

Evidence of innate behavioral differences between men and women (i.e., in terms of group averages) has certainly not been “discredited.” Herrnstein and Murray have explained in The Bell Curve that average group differences are not predictive of any individual’s ability. However, when institutions start implementing “diversity” formulae based on numerical representation of groups, we discover that these differences matter very much. When activists complain that certain groups are “underrepresented” in some area, and turn this into a political grievance, the result is likely to be an erosion of standards and the use of deliberate discrimination to achieve a more “diverse” outcome. Institutions are hijacked for a political agenda, so that CERN — which presumably should be devoted to pursuing advancements in nuclear physics — is now instead expected to “encourage women” and “promote diversity.” This is similar to the mentality that produced the Atlanta public school cheating scandal.

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Life is becoming like a series of scenes from old Monty Python episodes. Nobody Everybody expects the Spanish Feminist Inquisition!

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