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One of the similarities among the various members of Team Kimberlin is their strings of failing and abandoned websites, most of which have belonged to The Dread Deadbeat Publisher Kimberlin and the Cabin Boy™. TDPK tends to leave sites up, apparently on the off chance that someone might stumble across them and hit a donate button. The Cabin Boy™, OTOH, generally completely abandons a site within days (sometimes, hours) of putting it online. His Website Mania was the subject of this post from five years ago today.

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Several commenters over the last few days have wondered why Bill Schmalfeldt keeps opening up new websites when he claims to be short of cash. That prompted me to to a cursory inspection of some of his sites. I found some interesting stuff. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what I found in a few minutes around 11 am ET today:

fighttherightradio dot com (, hosted by Network Solutions) simply redirects to patriot-ombudsman dot com.

laststoplounge dot com (, hosted by Staminus Communications) also redirects to patriot-obudsman dot com.

patriot-ombudsman dot com (, hosted by GoDaddy) is the actual location of his Internet radio stuff. ( has nothing but a default page at Bluehost. This site was taken down because of pornographic images. is still registered but has no site.

misterapocalyse dot com and teamschmalfeldt dot com are actually accounts hosted by Automattic.

liberagrouch dot com (, hosted by Network Solutions) is nothing but an under construction page.

These domains have been evicted from the Kimberlin-related server in Arizona: parkyhome dot com ( has nothing but a default page at Bluehost. lordofsatire dot com and oldunclebastard dot com are still registered, but they are homeless. The evictions appear to have occurred separately with lordofsatire being whacked just last week.


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patriot-ombudsman dot com has been registered by a cybersquatting company that wants $2,295 for the domain, but most of those domains are available to be reregistered. mister apocalypse dot com is currently registered, but there is no website associated with it.

Oh, and brietbitnews dot com is still hosted on the same server in Holland as breitbartunmasked dot com and empr dot media.

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