It Ain’t a Case of He Said/She Said Anymore

It’s now a case of she said/they said. Now that the fourth potential witness named by Christine Ford has told the Senate Judiciary Committee under penalty of perjury that she doesn’t know Brett Kavanaugh and wasn’t at the supposed party where the alleged assault occurred, all four of the Ford’s witness have disputed Ford’s story.

It will be interesting to see if her lawyers can help her craft a story to tell the Committee that will avoid problems under 18 U.S.C. 1001.

10 thoughts on “It Ain’t a Case of He Said/She Said Anymore

  1. It wouldn’t matter if Christ himself appeared and told everyone Kavanaugh was innocent. They don’t care about innocence or guilt or the Metoo movement. Their only goal is to keep him off the court and they will use any person or tactic to accomplish that.

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  3. Apparently, the letter was presented to another, who (unlike Sen. Feinstein) would not have the authority to investigate, so there may be no 18 USC 1001 jeopardy. Cf.

    Along with the advance scrubbing of less-than-lauditory yearbooks online, one might just support the conclusion that this is kabuki rather than a cri de coeur.

    • IANAL, but while her letter may or may not be covered by 18 U.S.C. 1001, false testimony before the Committee should be. If that statute wouldn’t apply to false testimony, 18 U.S.C. 1621 (Perjury generally) should.

      • EXactly.
        Now, does anyone think that a psych prof, on her own, figured out the nuances of that statute? The prof who claims to be afraid to fly, except not for frequent surfing trips to Hawaii?

  4. Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt, currently Bill Mathews, program director for KGYN, was credibly accused of being a rapist by his cousin Roy? I sure do. Bill put it in a lawsuit that he later dismissed with prejudice.

  5. And now its brett exposing himself at yale and a woman, registered democrat admits

    She was drunk
    She cant remember details of the day

    And people who lived there w both of them say its a complete work of fiction

    • It appears that Grassley and his staff, the Senate village idiots, either couldn’t see this coming or want it to happen. Take your pick. Between these morons and Trump’s atrocious advisers, it’s amazing the GOP manages to get out of bed in the morning.

    • Ronan Farrow’s piece on Harvey Weinstein was an amazing piece of journalism – meticulously sourced and fact checked. He just blew his reputation with this. The witness didn’t remember until the last few days with the “assistance” of her lawyers, six people she claimed were witnesses said it never happened. Oh, and she was drunk. No corroborating witnesses, six denials ON THE RECORD. And Farrow ran with the story.

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