An Exception to the Rule

“Believe all women” appears to be the rule the Democrats want us to follow on claims of sexual abuse, but apparently an exception is allowed if the alleged abuser is a Democrat candidate for office. Congresscritter Keith Ellison (D-MN) is the beneficiary of this exception because he is running for Attorney General in Minnesota.

BPR reports that Ellison has attacked the credibility of his accusers, Karen Monahan and Amy Alexander.

During a post-primary debate Friday evening on Twin Cities PBS’ “Almanac” program, one of the moderators noted that 40 percent of Minnesota voters consider these allegations against the congressman to be a factor in whether or not they intend to vote for him come November.

In response, he tried discrediting both Monahan and Alexander, making it sound as if they were just spurned lovers. The reactions from both the debate moderators and his challenger, Republican candidate Doug Wardlow, suggest they didn’t believe him.

There’s video of Ellison’s comments at the link.

Senators Feinstein and Hirono were unavailable for comment.

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