Our Betters

Kevin D. Williamson has a post over at NRO that starts out with

Progressives conceive of themselves as a caste apart, a special and specialized group of enlightened men and women whose job it is to organize other people’s lives for them, a necessity because those people are too dumb to do it for themselves.

Read the whole thing.

A good deal of the panic among the Progressives seems to stem from a fear that the 2016 election could be a sign that a significant portion of the rest of us are wising up.

2 thoughts on “Our Betters

  1. The message here might very well have merit, but the messenger, Kevin D, WIlliamson is such a flawed messenger as to cast doubt on the claims. It is merely another case of the pot calling out the kettle for being black.

    Kevin D. Williamson’s writings about rural America, and rural Americans is as elitist, arrogant, condescending, and dismissive as the attitudes he criticizes. And, he like the liberals be denounces, thinks he is justified in being a bigot.

    Kevin D. WIlliamson’s “case” against rural American seems to reduce to, 1) His mother was from rural America; 2) his mother abandoned him; therefore, 3) rural America, or more specifically, its faults and vices is responsible for his mother abandoning him. Kevin D. Williamson clearly needs therapy [“I am very angry that my mother abandoned me!,”] but, instead, he has an article in the National Review. That is a disgrace. He ought to have been fired long ago. [That is about my one point of agreement with the Atlantic magazine, was it?].

    Nor, do I really feel and empathy or sympathy for Kevin D. Williamson’s mother abandoning him. He comes across as such an insufferable jerk that it merely makes me wonder why she put up with him for so long.

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