What’s Confusing Them Is The Nature Of His Game

Sarah Hoyt has a post titled Those Who Walked Away From Sanity over at PJ Media about deals with the Devil (whether you believe in him or not) and the Establishment Left. She notes that such deals always seem to have a bad ending. I would add that they end as in the earliest versions of the Faust legend. Faust only got a few years of service from Mephistopheles and no lucky breaks.

And now the worm is turning. The ground is shifting under their feet. People are going around them, not making obeisance. The industries are shrinking. There is less power, less money, less adulation in the path they chose than they thought there would be.

But that’s where they are.

A lot of the unhinged rage from the left is the rage of the dupe who finds out exactly how the devil swindled them.

Sure, they’ll never admit it. A lot of them will cling to the crazy left harder than ever, rather than admit what they did.

But something deep within them has broken and is crying quietly for what they used to be; for what they might have been.

It can’t be consoled.

All they can do, instead, is shout louder, backstab faster, threaten more, and spin more deranged versions of reality.

Read the whole thing.

And don’t be evil or make deals with The Evil One.

UPDATE—I was scrolling through the blog and found that this post had disappeared. I went to my wp-admin page and found that it had been moved to the trash while I was offline.


5 thoughts on “What’s Confusing Them Is The Nature Of His Game

  1. Also, don’t take the Devil’s bet. Unless you’re like Johnny. Then you kick the Devil’s ass and take his golden fiddle. But you’re probably not like Johnny.

  2. It seems to me (and I am at best something like a-religious with a huge amount of respect for real believers — they’re always pretty good people) that a lot of dealing with this or similar situations consists of ignoring such deals/offers while holding firm in one’s trust and belief in the things that truly matter.
    I just hope enough of us trust and hold firm while this current storm passes. It will undoubtedly leave a lot of damage no matter how it comes out. After that, be a good neighbor.

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