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Although the velvetrevolution dot org website is still up, the corporate entity VelvetRevolution.US is gone. Kimberlin has changed the name to Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc.

That’s kinda interesting.

empr dot media is a Ukraine-focused news site that is hosted on the same server as breitbartunmasked dot com. The About page at empr dot media describes it as a

self-funded, alternative news media outlet born on the barricades of Euromaidan and is the #1 Independent Citizen Media about Ukraine, giving analysis and reporting the Truth.

EMPR stands for EuromaidanPR. (Euromaidan was the 2013/2014 demonstrations in Ukraine that toppled the previous government.)

And of course, the site has a Fund EMPR page.

Does Brett Kimberlin believe that protecting our elections is an intersecting business interest with a PR effort for a foreign country?


10 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Heh. Sterling Hayden was a bit of a crazy guy in real life, so was great at playing characters. Peter Sellers as Mandrake was perfect. Kubrick made a perfect movie, all done in England.

      ( I won’t comment about foreign entities needing to register as foreign agents if they want access to U.S. government agencies or personnel. Oops, guess I just did. )

      • My wife is quite a bit younger than I, and when we were first dating had never seen the movie. So when the chance to see it in a college theater, on a biggish screen, I grabbed it. She was so impressed we had to stay through the second showing so she could “catch the parts I missed.” Still one of her favorites nearly 30 years later.
        And George Scott was great, too, in one of his first roles.

    • Good ol’ Potato Head. Just as dense (dense? or is his inner cranium more like meringue?) as ever. He wouldn’t know real evidence if he tripped on his rake and the evidence was jammed up his nose.

  1. I think what’s notable is the new (latest) handle/Twitter ID.

    If I were a employer I’d view with concern anybody who has created and then abandoned 200+ internet identities over 5 or so years.

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