“Don’t Be Evil”

If you haven’t yet seen the Google post-election video over at Breitbart, you should go and watch it. It’s worth an hour of your time to see why you should switch to DuckDuckGo for online search rather than being part of Google’s revenue stream.

There are plenty of reviews of this display of liberal tears on the Interwebz, so I’ll keep my comment brief. Google’s motto is supposed to be Don’t Be Evil, and there’s been a certain amount of commentary saying that the company has effectively rejected that admonition. OTOH, Hanlon’s Rule says that one should never attribute to evil what can adequately be explained by stupidity. How stupid can Google be and still survive?

3 thoughts on ““Don’t Be Evil”

  1. “Don’t be evil!,” unless you do business in China. Then censor internet search result to cover for the crimes of a Communist state.

  2. On the one hand, I have a growing distrust of Google.

    On the other hand, I am in my fourth year of trying to keep my HTC One M9 phone going. I’d like another new smart phone, but I’m not interested in an iPhone. Palm is long gone. Blackberry is about as rare as frog hair. Microsoft gave up. Many alternate phone OSes have died over time. I don’t have many non-Android choices. Gah!

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