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The Speedway Bombings were 40 years ago last week. Several Indianapolis media outlets have published retrospective coverage over the past few days. The post from the Indianapolis Star not only provides a detailed account of the bombings and the aftermath, it also deals with how the family of Carl DeLong, the man most severely injured by the bomb in the gym bag, has been affected.

The DeLong family has yet to receive anything from the judgment.

Steve DeLong, a painter by trade and a musician, has written songs about wondering if he’ll ever find peace of mind.

“I don’t even know that I want to find complete peace about it,” he told IndyStar recently, reflecting on the 40 years that have now past.  “There’s a lot of things that happen in this world that I don’t understand and sometimes I choose not to understand them because once I understand them, it’s a point of acceptance.

“And I don’t accept this. It’s unacceptable.”

Read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Steven DeLong (interviewed in the article linked above) went on to lead a band called Sweet FA, which produced a music video that charted and aired on MTV.

    In stark contrast to creepy, gross Brett Kimberlin’s “music” career.

  2. OH, look, Bill Schmalfeldt, going by the name of Bill Mathews at KGYN in Oklahoma, changed his twitter because he was outed. Or could it be that the higher ups wanted him to take KGYN off his handle? And he did NOT decry violence. Deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, aka Program director Bill Mathews in Guymon, Oklahoma, has a history of wishing violence on his perceived enemies.

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