The Party of Kaepernik v. The Party of King

Kyle Smith has a post over at NRO about the possible effects on Democrats of being perceived as the Party of Kaepernick. While wokeness may appeal to the leftmost members of the Democrats’ base, it may not have the broad appeal necessary to create a winning coalition of voters.

The Kaepernick-led anthem protests were wrong-headed to begin with. Try to follow this logic: The misbehavior of a few police officers means the police in general should be reviled. And if we revile the police the entire American project is to be rebuked by protesting the anthem. Martin Luther King Jr., by contrast, said his stirring vision was “deeply rooted in the American dream.” He called upon us to live up to American ideals. That isn’t Kaepernick’s message.

Read the whole thing.

Indeed, as  Smith notes, the hit Nike has taken to its stock value may wind up being an in-kind contribution to the Republicans. That’s fitting. Dr. King was a Republican


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