Not a Typo

Paul Mirengoff has a post over at PowerLine in which he takes note of one Democrat senator’s plan to question Brett Kavanaugh about alleged sexual abuse by the Ninth Circuit judge he clerked for 25 years ago. Mirengoff notes that line of questioning is a good strategy for that senator because if will keep her from embarrassing herself by trying to discuss the law.

But, like so many other lines of possible attack the floundering Democrats have pursued, the matter of Judge Kozinski will almost certainly be a dry hole for Kavanaugh’s opponents. There is simply no evidence that Kavanaugh knew about Kozinski’s harassment of women and plenty of evidence that he was not in a position to know.

When I read the word floundering, my first reaction was to think that Mirengoff meant to write foundering (which means sinking) and had made either a typo or a usage error. But thinking about it … yeah, floundering. The Democrats are flopping about like fish out of water.

Read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “Not a Typo

  1. Hey, just because she’s a lawyer who’s been in government for 37 years doesn’t mean she should know about the law…oh, wait. Yeah, it does.

    Democrats gonna democrat.

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