The Jacksonville Shooter and Some Facts

The shooter at the Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville was from Maryland, and he used a handgun.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the shooter had a history of psychiatric problems that include hospitalization.

All handguns legally sold in Maryland since 1 October, 2013, have been registered with the Maryland State Police. This includes private transfers which must be run through a licensed dealer in order to create a paperwork trail for a background check.

Part of the MSP background check includes the purchaser’s mental health history. A release form for the check is part of the paperwork submitted to the MSP.

The Gentle Reader may draw what conclusions he will from these facts.

10 thoughts on “The Jacksonville Shooter and Some Facts

  1. The shooter was less than 21. You can’t purchase a pistol from an FFL if you are less than 21. It looks like you must be 21 to purchase any handgun in MD. Florida doesn’t honor Maryland permits even if the shoot had one which is doubtful. Therefore, possession of a concealed handgun in FL was also a crime. You can look at the guy and see that Loughner/Lanza crazy stare. This guy was a few fries short of a happy meal. But “one more common-sense gun control law” would have prevented this….

      • I just saw that! Early reports had indicated he was just shy of his 21st birthday but early reports are often dubious. Still, with those prior mental encounters legally acquiring and possessing a handgun is a daunting task, especially in Maryland.

        • Given the required MSP mental health background check, someone at the Maryland Department of Mental Health and Hygiene may have some ‘splainin’ to do.

          • It’s a good thing the venue was a “gun-free zone.” Oh, wait….

          • There’s a report out the guns were legally purchased in Maryland.

  2. Gun free zones. I’m not usually one to advocate for new laws, but if you run an establishment where you prohibit people from defending themselves then the burden for their protection should fall on you. You should have armed security and an emergency plan in place that is practiced by your employees regularly.

    • In addition to being required to provide extra security, any venue that exercises the option to declare itself a gun-free zone should also be faced with statutory liability (including triple damages) for any shooting that occurs within their legal boundaries.

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