Playing by the Rules

David Hogg has been on the Twitterz threatening Smith & Wesson with some form of dire direness—

Wow. Hogg seems to think he’s holding all the high cards in this game.

The first thing that’s obvious from those tweets is that this kid slept through both civics and grammar classes, but another thing he appears to have missed was learning one of the practical rules of life: A Smith & Wesson beats four aces.

8 thoughts on “Playing by the Rules

  1. Kid’s playing poker with a deuce, a seven, a four, the thimble from Monopoly, and a Draw Four Wild from Uno.

  2. You don’t have to read his tweets for long to figure out why he couldn’t get into the colleges of his choice. And given that his HS GPA was as reported it is obvious the damage done by grade inflation.
    An insufferable little twit.

  3. Neither love nor economics are involved in his post. There is a bit of socialist desire to control the means of production. That is pretty much the opposite of love and economics.

  4. for someone who sure has a lot of stupid things to saya bout the subject of guns, Hogg was remarkably quiet about the muslim compound in NM where they were training kids to shoot up schools….


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