Newspapers Sue Maryland

It’s not unusual for the Maryland Legislature to pass a blatantly unconstitutional law. One of the recent laws seeks to regulate online political advertising. A group of newspapers are suing the State.

For once, I’m on the same side as WaPo.

The requirements in these new laws may have adverse consequences for bloggers as well. Stay tuned.

UPDATE—The reporting requirements in these new laws could affect Hogewash! because there are month when the web traffic exceeds 100,000 hits.

1 thought on “Newspapers Sue Maryland

  1. I’m surprised they passed a law that their media allies didn’t like. There must be an interesting story or two buried there in the swamp.

    100,000 hits per month seems to be a pretty low bar for any media site and fairly amazing for a blog site like your’s. That number just doesn’t seem to be a realistic number for the purported purposes of this law.

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