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Back in 2012, Neal Rauhauser was still working with Brett Kimberlin on a day-to-day basis. Six years ago today, I posted this commentary on one of his sleazy attempts to slime Patrick Frey.

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Stacy McCain points to an anonymous 1,000 word article posted at Pastebin that advances a wacky conspiracy theory about Patrick Frey and others who have been the targets of Neal Rauhauser and other members of Team Kimberlin. The post tries to sell the idea that Patrick Frey has exploited mentally ill people for the purpose of framing Anthony Weiner (as if Weiner didn’t post those pictures of himself) and then for the purpose of covering up his dirty deeds.

It’s nonsense. It’s a crude smear. You can read a copy of the post at the link to The Other McCain above, and you may have to read it there. Mr. Rauhauser has a habit of deleting his bogus posts when reality closes in.

Stacy McCain dissects the piece, so I won’t bother, but I want to comment on a couple of points.

At one point in the post it refers to “Islamophobic hate talker Aaron Walker.” I’d like to challenge that. I know Aaron Walker. He is not a believer in Islam, but I haven’t heard him express hatred for anyone simply because that person holds that faith. Mr. Walker has no love for terrorists, including those who commit terror in the name of Islam. He certainly isn’t Islamophobic.

The post also says:

Aaron Walker is not on psych disability yet, but his hate speech coupled with his poor courtroom demeanor will cost him his career as a lawyer.

I sat across the aisle from Neal Rauhauser in the courtroom during the 5 July Kimberlin v. Walker Peace Order hearing. I didn’t see anything in Aaron Walker’s behavior that could be described as poor courtroom demeanor. He and his lawyer handled themselves quite effectively. It was Brett Kimberlin who the judge had to keep on track.

Lily Tomlin once said that reality is a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs. It also seems to be a stumbling block for a former dope dealer and his posse.

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Neal Rauhauser has failed at pretty much everything he’s tried. No wonder he fits so well in Team Kimberlin.

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