Subpoenas, Subpoenas, Subpoenas

Deranged Cyberstalker Deb Frisch thinks that she is going to be able to subpoena folks for her sentencing hearing in October. The hearing will be in Colorado. It’s a state case.

IANAL, but the reading I’ve done about Colorado sentencing hearings indicates that the defendant is able to call character witnesses. The folks listed in that tweet probably wouldn’t be the sort of witness Ms. Frisch would find helpful.

Gentle Reader, pretend for a moment that the court holding the hearing would issue those subpoenas. So what? They would only be enforceable in the State of Colorado unless Ms. Frisch took them to courts in the states where each of the witnesses reside and had them reissued as enforceable subpoenas in those states. Then she would have to pay to have the subpoenas served (a party in a case can’t serve subpoenas related to the case).

Then she would have to pay the travel, food, and lodging expenses of those out-of-state witnesses, and witnesses in some states must be paid in advance upon service of the subpoena.

Given Ms. Frisch’s present state of mind, it seems unlikely that she could accomplish all that anyway.

18 thoughts on “Subpoenas, Subpoenas, Subpoenas

    • In answer to her question, because the lovely and gracious Deb Frisch needs his help!

      Dam I managed to type that……

  1. The only question now is how much time Dr. Demented is going to do and whether they’ll do her the favor of making her serve it in a mental hospital.

    if you were to design a pattern of behavior calculated to get her the maximum penalty available, it couldn’t be any more effective than the path she’s chosen for herself.

    • You scream, preferably on twitter.

      Next, write something. Throw in a few legal words. Send it to the judge.

      Finally, prepare your torrent of abuse for when its tossed

  2. I see Walker, Neate & Quick are still doing a brisk trade in the law-talkin’ business.

  3. “Given Ms. Frisch’s present state of mind….”

    Would that State be the 57th State that Obama was talking about?

    • The 57th state is closer to reality than Deb is. Her blog and Twitter feed show her demented state very clearly. It looks like she knows she is going to have bail revoked any minute and is inventing bizarre psychotic excuses.

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