A Policeman’s Lot Is Not A Happy One

Oh, my! What ever shall I do?

UPDATE—The telephone number for the Westminster Police Department is (410) 848-4646. While my snail mail address is Westminster, Maryland, I live outside the city limits. The law enforcement agency with primary jurisdiction at my residence is the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, (410) 386-2900.

30 thoughts on “A Policeman’s Lot Is Not A Happy One

  1. Zounds! I wonder who might ever be this masked PatriachTree character! Is Deb taking doxxing lessons from William?

  2. Deb Frisch just doesn’t learn, does she? Even after multiple arrests and confinements, she still won’t leave people alone. I fear this won’t end until some poor police officer is finally forced to shoot her during an arrest, when she starts fighting them and resisting arrest.

  3. There are trillions of transistors that make up the Internet.

    I hate to break it to you guys, but a number of your favourite
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  4. Choosing to make an enemy of Our Gracious Host is a brilliant career move and lifestyle choice.

    Why, look at what has happened in the life of Mr. Schmalfeldt since he decided to devote his life to destroying Our Gracious Host. It’s been nothing but sunshine and roses for him.

  5. Brett Kimberlin, Bill Schmalfeldt and Deborah Frisch.

    Kimberlin, Schmalfeldt and Frisch.

    That’s not a law firm it’s a Trifecta.

    • You left out Thomas A Mix the #VeroBeachCrybully who called the Indian River Country Sheriffs on me and claimed I was “cyber-stalking” him because I was posting screen shots of his PUBLIC tweets on a PROTECTED Gab account. He actually had to use a 3rd party to get copies of these posts. If a person has to LOOK for posts about them they are’t being “stalked!” In fact they clearly WANT the drama!

      Oh and way back during the #FreeKate thing Rachael Zerby with the help of Thomas Mix sent and email to the Lexington PD claiming I was “stalking” poor Kaitlin Hunt! https://imgur.com/a/JPDyow6

    • With apologies to Franklin Pierce Adams:

      If you need a laugh, think of these words:
      “Kimberlin, Schmalfeldt and Frisch.”
      Trio of idiots, nutty as squirrel turds,
      Kimberlin, Schmalfeldt and Frisch.
      Constantly straining our broken LULZ muscles,
      Always at work on some internet hustle –
      Pro se warriors losing each courtroom tussle:
      “Kimberlin, Schmalfeldt and Frisch.”

  6. While I enjoy reading your blog, I am hoping your life doesn’t take another turn into full-on, lunatic storms. You probably have better things to do.

    • She was officially and legally declared a Vexatious Litigant in 2010. Her stuff has to go through a whole heck of a lot of legal hoops before anyone she’s attacking has to spend a dime.

    • Dr. Demented is going to be incarcerated soon enough. She’s got a sentencing hearing in Oct.

      Oh, and she keeps harrasing everyone involved in that, including her own lawyer, who is trying to quit her before then.

  7. She is awaiting sentencing on her guilty plea on felony charges but seems to want to create felony criminal charges for herself in new states. She is the twin of Cabin Boy indeed.

  8. There are days when I can’t even anymore. How am I supposed to focus on work tomorrow when there is all this drama happening?

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