I’m Moving Up in the Blogosphere

While I was preparing this week’s Thanks of the Links post, I found incoming links from a new blog: may1983 dot blogspot dot com. (No, I won’t link to it.) After reading a post titled chesapeake chomos, I believe that I’ve now joined that select group of bloggers who are being harassed by deranged cyberstalker Deb Frisch.

I used to complain about Stacy McCain attracting a better grade of whackos. I must be moving up!

7 thoughts on “I’m Moving Up in the Blogosphere

    • After spending half an hour reading stuff from that site, I feel like I need some drug detox, and I don’t even do over the counter drugs. It’s all her drugged up nonsense I felt I was getting through osmosis.

  1. According to Wikipedia, ‘chomo’ is prison slang for ‘child molester’. If a person with even a shred of credibility used that term to refer to you or Stacy, that could be libel. Per se. but I think the author of that blog is a certified whackadoo.

    Using that term to refer to members of TK is greyer and variable. At least one is, but others are merely supporters of that activity.

  2. Both Dr. Deb (I seem to remember her insisting on being identified as “Dr. Deborah (middle initial) Frisch, PhD — a clear tipoff as to her difficulties) and the Cabin Boy are divorced from Reality, but Deb is more wackadoodle I think.

    • I think we’d have a competition. Then we’d know. One of them’s been in jail IIRC. Let’s total the points after they both leave the field, eh?

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