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  1. I never understood their obsession with Idris Elba. He’s not the only black British actor out there, but they act (haha) like he is. Every time anyone wants to make a casting decision fuss it’s always Idris Elba that gets wheeled out as the woke alternative.

    Never, say Chiwetel Ejiofor. Probably because they can’t pronounce his name, or David Harewood, who would be an ideal fit for a Bond-style character.

    It’s always Idris Elba.

    I don’t get it.

    • I’d hardly care if they cast a black Bond, but my problem with Elba in the Role is that I already relate to him in other roles. I had the same problem when they cast Timothy Dalton.

      Any new Bond should be a relative unknown so he can make his bones as Bond…..James Bond.

    • Mind, Tony is a little too Glasgow, and not enough Edinburgh for the role. It’s hard to imagine Bond saying “Eh, you Jimmy!” before Glasgow-kissing an enemy Begbie-style.

      I only know Idris as the very smooth Stringer Bell. I could see him being Bond. The whole adoption thing is only a recent piece of retcon anyway.

      Also, I’d love to see heads explode if were rumoured that Christoph Waltz would be in blackface, consistent with that retcon fiction. Come on 4chan, you know you want to.

      • Ian’s Fleming’s original conception of Bond was based on David Niven, who did wind up playing a parody version of Bond in the ’60s comedy version of Casino Royale.

  2. I’ve never been a real Bond fan (I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire Bond movie), but I like the theory that “James Bond” is a title, not an individual. Under that theory, the race is largely irrelevant.

    When I first heard about Mr. Elba’s casting in the first Thor movie, I was disgusted. The notions of a Viking god being a black man was ludicrous. But then I saw the movie, and Mr. Elba owned every scene he was in. He had enough screen presence to go toe-to-toe with actors like Tom Hiddleston and ANTHONY HOPKINS and owned it. He has more screen presence than almost any other actor I can imagine, and I actually thought “he’d make a pretty good Bond.”

    But as good as I think he would be, I think that Mr. Ejiofor would be even better. His work in “Serenity” could be considered an audition, and he was phenomenal in that role.

    But if I feel like being slightly puckish, I would play the “cultural appropriation” card and say that black actors should not play Viking gods or Scots-ancestry British superspies. Even if they would do a phenomenal job at it…

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