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One of the false narratives that Team Kimberlin has tried to spin about its critics is that some of us are racists. Most of their attempts are pathetic. Some are downright funny in their ineptitude. I particularly enjoyed The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin futile attempt to paint Stacy McCain as one when TDPK called Stacy as a witness during the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. trial. Stacy’s answers were at the same time brutally effective and devastatingly funny. I thought the foreman of the jury (who was black) was going to fall off his chair laughing. Four years ago today, just before that trial, I published this post, #BillSchmalfeldt: Factually Challenged, about an attempt by the Cabin Boy™ to accuse Aaron Walker of being a racist.

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Anyone who has had the sorry task of reading Cabin Boy Bill’s writing will realize fairly quickly that his “news” reporting is a rather tepid form of fiction in which any datum that can be force fit into his idea du jour becomes the basis of his tale. (I was about to type “fairy tale,” but I don’t want to trigger any more of his homoeroticism.) (OK, that may have been uncalled for, but I haven’t finished my second cup of coffee.) Today’s bit of fiction appears to be that Aaron Walker is a racist. The basis of that claim is Ebony magazine’s inability to tolerate criticism of the racist message on the cover of its September issue. One of the critics Ebony specifically addresses is Aaron Walker, so in the Cabin Boy’s mind that means Mr. Walker is a racist because … um … because … um … well, just because.

Perviously, Schmalfeldt has made disparaging remarks about Aaron Walker wife who is of Asian ancestry, and he has criticized Mr. Walker for helping a black man falsely accused of crimes by Brett Kimberlin. Yeah, that’s a real racist white guy who marries an Asian woman and helps a black man.

Of course, it’s probably too much to ask of Bill Schmalfeldt that he base his “reporting” on facts. And it’s certainly unfair to expect him to keep his current tales consistent with what he’s spun in the past. After all, he told those using different noms de cyber ages ago.

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OTOH, the past has a way of catching up with people.

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