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  1. This is how you lose a cultural war.

    The anti-White hysteria that is sweeping through academia and the Left, isn’t merely misguided, wrong, disproportionate or unjust. It is evil. Jonah Goldberg’s response to evil is not to condemn it, but, rather, to claim that it is backed by a “serious argument” that, unfortunately, has been perverted.

    Recently, some leftist twit claimed that she looked forward to “White extinction.” Substitute “Black” or “Asian” for “White” and the remark would have been career ending. I don’t see what the difference is, but, Goldberg thinks there is a “serious argument” behind it.

    We live in the sad spectacle that the only condemnation for her remarks that has any power is to note that in looking forward to “White extinction” she is also looking forward to “Jewish extinction.” That is sad and pathetic.

    Then again, this is from the magazine that tried to lose the 2016 election.

    Anti-White racism is too serious and consequential of an ideology to cede the leadership of the opposition to folks who in the last analysis function more like the Washington Generals than a serious opposition.

    The National Review should go to Hell. Jonah Goldberg in the fullness of time will go to Hell.

  2. “the rhetoric associated with this hope is profoundly dangerous because it flips the switch on whites to suddenly see themselves as white.”

    Yeah, the problem with vicious, genocidal hate spews aimed at whites is that it might make some whites racist. And of course it isn’t just hate spews, but an actual program of dispossession and ultimately extermination. Jonah doesn’t mind the program he just doesn’t like the left talking about it because it might make some white people tumble to the fact that becoming a hated minority in the land built by your ancestors might not be all beer and skittles. It might make some white people think that, like all other groups of people, they might have group interests. That they might have some reason to resent the robbery and exploitation and might want to put an end to it. The present system we live under depends on white-hating racism, it depends on whites to keep their noses to the grindstone, to renounce any groups interests so the excess wealth can be used to support the parasites that live off of them, from the Pentagon and the government, to racial minorities, to the vast number of hostile liberal institutions, to shills for Wall Street like Goldberg and National Review.

  3. I missed this little bit in Goldberg’s nonsense:

    “My point here is that the rhetoric associated with this hope is profoundly dangerous because it flips the switch on whites to suddenly see themselves as white.”

    This is how you play to lose. If your fancy yourself a leader of the conservative movement you should feel some fudiciary duty to conservatives to further the interests of conservativism. Given the rise of anti-White, anti-European, and anti-male rhetoric in academia, and the Left, it is entirely appropriate for Whites to see that they have at least one fundamental reason to see themselves as White: all White people do have a common interest in using the laws, and the power of public’s purse to stop what is racism directed at them. No White parent ought to see their children have a lower chance of going to a good college, or finding a good job than their children’s merit justify simply because of their child’s skin color.. Nor, should they be taught to have a lower level of self-esteem simply because of their skin color. No government ought to fund any form of racism, including anti-White racism. What Martin Luther King said is equally true for Whites as it is for Blacks.

    You can’t serve two masters. You can’t act to further people’s political interests and try to suppress them from even noticing what their own interests are. Claiming that the notice of White people noticing they, too, have interests in “profoundly dangerous” is merely Jonah Goldberg’s admission that he finds White people to be “profoundly dangerous.” Isn’t “White people are profoundly dangerous because they have seeped, and inculcated themselves in own Whiteness with its privileges,” the message of the Left?

    Is Jonah Goldberg opposing the Left, or, at a fundamental level is he agreeing with it?

    That is how you lose a cultural war.

    • I suppose my talk about having some fudiciary duty to further the interests of conservativism is rhetorical. We know the Truth: in 2016 Johan Goldberg actively acted to elect the liberal Democratic candidate, and, in doing so, deliver the Supreme Court to the Left for a generation.

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