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The topics of Team Kimberlin and child pornography intersected during July and August, 2013. For several days, Bill Schmalfeldt avoided the the subject of child pornography, but five years ago today, he finally made a statement on the issue:

RadioWMS ‏Child pornography is worse than murder, in my POV. It means you have scarred an individual for his or her life. Murder leaves someone dead.
7:04 PM – 3 Aug 13 GMT

Scout Kenny was unavailable for comment.

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Funny that Bill Matthews of KGYN Guymon OK (AKA William Schmalfeldt) says that yet aligns himself with;
    Kimberlin – Adjudicated pedophile
    Craig Gillette – Served time in federal prison for child pornography
    Matt Osborne – So expert and experienced in child pornography that he could tell that what Gillette possessed “wasn’t so bad”. That can only mean that Matt saw/shared what Gillette had.

    So why does a man who professes to hate child pornography so much latch on to a group filled with child pornographers and pedophiles?

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