Sarah Jeong, The New York Times, and Twitter

Alinsky’s Rule 4 state:

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

I’ve rather enjoyed the brouhaha over Sarah Jeong’s Twitter history and her hiring by the NYT. As noted by other commenters, the Times knew about her tweets when they hired her, and they brought on board anyway. Indeed, it appears that her tweets were not considered a bug but a feature. So if she’s a racist, one can assume that she’s the good kind of racist of which the NYT approves.

UPDATE—This is from a 2016 piece about the alt-right.

True bigotry is often excused as nothing more than crude humor or nihilistic trolling … To them, it’s humor. To everyone else, it’s hate.

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4 thoughts on “Sarah Jeong, The New York Times, and Twitter

  1. And the same crowd defending her on Twitter are the ones that are quick to pounce on any conservative who tweeted stupid stuff in the past and get them fired.

  2. I only wish I had a subscription I could cancel.

    We canceled ours more than a decade ago. I wanted to over something (who can remember what) they published about GWB, but when they ran an article saying space tourism should be illegal because only the wealthy could afford it, that pissed off Spousal Unit #1 and things were cancelled.

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